Laura Rux is an awesome stylist.  I have curly heavy hair that can be difficult to work with.  Laura knows just what to do to keep it simple and looking good.  I am not one to spend time working on my hair in the morning, I need a wash and go look and she has perfected that for me.  She also does a phenomenal job on just the right color and highlights that look great but with economical upkeep in mind.  She never tries to upsell me on expensive products or a look that requires coming back and spending big money every month.  She listened to what I needed for my lifestyle and gives me just that.  My teenagers love what she does for them too, so your whole family will love her.  The salon is not foo-foo girly but tasteful and relaxing so men are just as comfortable as women.

Julia A

I visited Mirage Hair Design for getting my hair cut and colored before leaving to Mexico and decided to visit Laura after hearing great reviews from my friends. I was very impressed about her accommodating my desire for the hair color brand and encouraging me for what I was comfortable.  She also did an absolutely fantastic job with my hair style and I love the way my hair looks. Usually I visit another lovely but expensive Salon in Bellevue for a haircut but the convenience of having Laura in Redmond is a  no-brainer and it definitely helps having such a great hair dresser for which I paid half the cost that I usually pay. If you are looking for a fantastic hair stylist, I definitely highly recommend Laura Rux at Mirage Hair Design in Redmond downtown.

Urmila S.

aura gave me the best haircut and color I have had since moving to Seattle 7 years ago! Once I was able to let go of my stylist in Colorado I started looking around Seattle and Bellevue for a good stylist that could cut naturally curly hair. I needed a cut and color that would work for me wearing my hair either curly or straight. Most of the time the stylists I have seen (at the expensive saloons) would get the layering wrong and when I styled it at home I could see and feel where the messed up. Laura nailed it the first time and the color and I could be happier!! She is the best find since we moved here! I highly recommend seeing Laura Rux at Mirage Hair Design in Redmond.

Heather K.

I’m very thankful to Leti for making my hair look good again! After several disastrous experiences with other places, i went to Leti to give me some blonde ombre in my very damaged hair and she did! My hair looks so much better and the best part is she didn’t damage it even more, she gave me a olaplex treatment and my hair looks good again! 🙂 I highly recommend Leti, she’s new here but definitely knows what she’s doing. Thanks Leti!

Olesya S

I’ve been going to Mirage for almost 6 months now, and it’s been a great experience! Actually, Mirage Hair Design gave me the best barber/salon experience I’ve ever had. Laura Rux is wonderful. She delivers exactly what you want in a haircut, and will also give her professional advice to your haircut needs as well. I will continue to use Laura’s services for the foreseeable future! I always walk out with a few new pieces of wisdom from Laura in addition to a great haircut. If you are looking for a stylist, check her out! Strongly recommend. The salon itself is easy to get to and is very clean and professional throughout.

Jacob K

I’ve been going to Laura for a few years, so does my husband and two kids. She listens and she has great ideas when I’m looking for something different. Personable, kind and great with hair and running a business. Highly recommend.